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16 Social Media Video Ideas to Help Increase Sales

The Visual Powerhouse of Sales

Welcome to the visual age, where video content is the king of engagement and sales acceleration. You've heard it all before, but let’s cut through the noise (with a bit of sass, shall we?) and get down to business. What really moves the needle in sales today? Video content marketing. Not just any videos—but the ones that make your customers hit “add to cart” faster than you can say “cha-ching!”

While social media marketing is not the same thing as video marketing, there is some overlap, and you can create incredible marketing videos that can then be repurposed for social media success as well.

1. Product Demonstrations: Seeing is Believing

Let’s start with the obvious. You have a product, and it's fantastic. But do people know how fantastic? Here's where a product demonstration video comes into play. Show your product in action. Let the viewers see the swoosh of that knife slicing through a tomato or the seamless operation of that tech gadget. This is where features meet benefits in a tango of persuasive visuals, dramatically increasing sales online.

2. Customer Testimonials: The Trust Builders

Nothing screams "buy me" louder than a happy customer. Capture these golden advocates on video, sharing their real-world love stories with your product. It's authentic, it's genuine, and it's incredibly effective at converting fence-sitters into fervent buyers. This is your brand awareness campaign at its finest, folks.

3. Flash Sales and Limited-Time Offers: It's Time to Shop

Inject a dose of FOMO into your marketing with videos announcing flash sales or limited-time offers. The urgency? Palpable. The production? Doesn’t need to be top-notch. This is the one case where low quality isn’t a big mistake when it comes to video marketing. A simple countdown timer and some quick cuts of your products can do wonders. Drive those sales through the roof with a well-timed push.

4. Behind-the-Scenes Tours: The Transparency Play

People buy from brands they trust. And trust is built on transparency. Create behind-the-scenes videos that showcase the craftsmanship, the ethics, or even the quirky office culture behind your product. This transparency not only builds trust but also humanizes your brand, making it more relatable and persuasive.

5. How-To Videos Using Products: Educate to Sell

Step-by-step guides or how-to videos using your products not only provide value but also showcase the necessity of your product. In fact, 96% of people have watched an explainer video to better understand or learn about a product or service (Wyzowl). Whether it’s makeup tutorials, home improvement tips, or cooking demonstrations, these videos are the trojan horses of content marketing. Provide value first, sell second.

While all marketing videos have their benefits, start with a video you know will have the greatest impact. Take the free Magic Video Quiz for personalized results around which marketing video will be best to help you reach your business goals.

6. Unboxing Videos: The First Impression

Unboxing videos are the internet’s guilty pleasure. They not only build anticipation but also provide the first tangible touchpoint for your audience. Capture the unpacking excitement, highlight the packaging and what's inside, and watch as viewers convert into customers, driven by a blend of curiosity and desire.

7. Live Product Q&A Sessions: Engagement on Steroids

Interactive and real-time, live Q&A sessions allow you to engage directly with potential buyers, address their concerns, and bust objections while pumping up the personable element of your brand. Obviously, this depends on your target audience and their consumption and engagement habits, but give it a try to see how your audience reacts! Bonus points for spontaneity and honesty, which can significantly boost brand loyalty and sales.

8. User-Generated Content: The Social Proof

UGC videos are created by your customers themselves. It’s raw, it’s real, and it speaks volumes about your product's ability to satisfy. Launch a campaign encouraging users to send in their videos using your product in exchange for a feature on your channels. This not only encourages engagement but also enriches your content strategy with minimal effort. Learn how to get started with your own UGC campaign (after all, why should your big box competitors get all your customers just because they use UGC and you don’t?).

9. Before and After Demonstrations: The Visual Proof

"Show, don’t tell" is the golden rule here. Before and after videos visually capture your product's effectiveness over time, providing undeniable proof of its value. This type of content is particularly potent for beauty products, cleaning items, and anything else where results can be dramatically seen.

10. Special Event Streaming: Build the Hype

Live streaming product launches or special events creates a buzz that static posts or ads just can’t match. It’s about creating an experience and taking your audience along for the ride. This approach not only increases visibility but can also translate into immediate sales through live offers and promotions.

11. Exclusive Offers for Viewers: VIP Treatment

Offering exclusive discounts or deals to your video viewers adds an incentive layer to your content. It's a straightforward strategy: "Watch our video, get a discount." Simple, direct, and incredibly effective at converting viewers into buyers.

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12. Feature on Use Cases and Applications: Beyond the Obvious

Sometimes, your audience might not even be aware of the various uses of your product. Create videos that show off all the different ways your product can be used, potentially tapping into new market segments.

Bonus if you can optimize your video SEO. Rank higher on search engines because of a video you’re creating anyways? Yes please!

13. Comparison Videos: The Direct Challenge

Take on the competition head-on by comparing your product directly with others in the market. Highlight your strengths, downplay your weaknesses, and position your product as the best choice—all in a compelling video that showcases your brand identity perfectly and resonates with your target audience.

14. Follow the Journey: Serial Storytelling

Craft a series of videos following the journey of a product from conception to completion. This serial storytelling can build a narrative around your product, enhancing emotional investment and brand loyalty, which can drive repeated sales.

15. Funny Skits: Entertainment Sells

Sometimes, all you need is a good laugh. Create funny, memorable skits around your product. Not only do these have a high share-ability factor, but they also endear your brand to the consumer, making your product top-of-mind when it’s time to purchase.

16. Animated Explainers: Simplify the Complex

For products that need a bit of explaining, animated explainer videos can break down the complex into digestible and engaging content. These are particularly useful for tech gadgets, software, or anything where a little simplification goes a long way.

Lights, Camera, Action!

There you have it—16 killer social media video ideas that can help you increase sales online. For more social media ideas, read 18 social media ideas to increase website traffic.

Remember, the key is not just creating video content but creating the right kind of video content that engages, persuades, and converts. Even if that sounds overwhelming, I promise, from a professional video producer and videographer, you can do it. You just have to find a formula that works for your product and target audience, and I’m going to help you do it. Explore the blog for all the video marketing tips and tricks you could ever dream of. Now, grab your camera, embrace these ideas, and start filming your way to sales success!

If you’re not sure what kind of marketing video you should start with, take the free Magic Video Quiz for personalized results around which marketing video will be best to help you reach your business goals. Comment below to let me know what result you get!


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