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Beautiful Branding Meets Video: How to Maintain Your Brand Guidelines in Videos

Beautiful Branding Translating to Video

In a world where content is plentiful but attention is scarce, maintaining a consistent brand identity across your videos is crucial. Videos are a reflection of your brand’s story and values, and each frame is an opportunity to reinforce your identity to the audience.

If you're considering videos to promote your business, especially a brand video, you want to make sure the look and feel of your brand translates to your video content as well.

1. Defining Your Brand’s Visual Language

Your brand’s visual language is its alphabet. Here’s how to define it:

Color Palette: Choose colors that reflect your brand’s mood and message.

Typography: Select fonts that are readable and align with your brand’s style.

Logo Placement: For optimal recognition, determine how and where to place your logo in the most common video formats: 9:16 (portrait video, like what you'd use for Instagram Reels, TikToks, YouTube Shorts, etc.) and 16:9 (landscape video, like what you use for YouTube videos).

If your business is established, you likely have all of these elements decided already. If that's the case, create a brand board with all of this information in one easy to access location, so you aren't digging through hundreds of files as you go through this process.

2. Consistency Across All Platforms

Ideally, you want to make sure your brand looks the same, no matter where it’s seen. However, if that hasn't been the case in the past, that's okay! It's not too late to change that.

In order to be more consistent and that "spur of the moment panic," take the following steps:

Create a Style Guide: Develop comprehensive guidelines that cover all aspects of your brand’s appearance, including all:

1. Typography: including the use, font name, font size, and color for each typography style

2. Colors: All colors used in your brand imagery, with HEX codes included

3. Logos: Your primary logo, stacked logo, sub-mark, and favicon

4. Images: Any important images/photos used consistently throughout your brand imagery

Cross-Platform Adaptation: Tailor your visuals to fit different platforms while maintaining a consistent style. It's okay if your brand wants to take on a different variation on your website versus your Instagram, but those variations need to be decided ahead of time so you don't accidentally stray too far from your brand's core.

Regular Updates: Periodically review and refresh your visuals to keep your brand current without losing its recognizability.

While brand authenticity is important, you have to make sure your video creates trust with your target audience. According to a survey, 87% of consumers say video quality impacts their trust in a brand (Wyzowl, Video Marketing Statistics 2024).

So, keeping your brand's content consistent and professional is crucial!

3. Using the Right Tone and Voice

The tone and voice of your videos should mirror your brand’s identity and personality:

Voice Consistency: Whether it’s friendly, professional, or quirky, ensure it’s consistent across all content.

Tone Adaptation: Adapt your tone based on the platform and the context of the video without losing the core brand voice.

Also, if you are hiring any freelancers to appear in a promotional video, or even a voiceover actor/actress to do audio work, defining these elements of your brand's tone and voice is crucial.

Not only do you need to be prepared to communicate these essential elements of your brand identity to someone who likely has no familiarity with it, but you also need to have a concise definition for yourself, so you can select talent that truly fits your brand.

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4. Incorporating Branding Elements Into Video

Now, to the good stuff: how your brand elements affect and translate to video content!

Brand Voice = Scripting

Write your script in the style of your brand voice. If this is difficult to evaluate objectively for you, you can take 10 adjectives that describe your brand's voice and style, and then ask AI to check

Brand Colors = Filming

When filming, try to incorporate 1-2 of your primary brand colors into the footage. For example, if your primary brand color is blue and white, you could film in front of a blue background while wearing a white shirt.

Brand Fonts = Editing (Text)

If you add any on screen text to your video, only use your brand fonts. If your editing software doesn't appear to have your brand fonts; no need to worry, you can import fonts into most editing software.

Brand Style = Editing (Audio)

Select a song to go with your video that matches the style of your brand. Just make sure it is copyright free or that you've paid for the rights to use the music you've select.

Brand Logo = Editing (Graphics)

Use your logo in the video. You can create an animated intro or outro that includes your logo and/or have a small watermark of your logo in the corner throughout the video. Which route it better really depends on the type of video, but no matter what, make sure your logo and business name appear prominently at least once in the video.

Pro Tip: Use consistent keywords in your video script, description, and tags to rank higher with SEO. To learn more about optimizing your videos for SEO, read my 7 tips here.

5. Measuring Branding Effectiveness in Videos

Track and analyze how well your videos convey your brand identity:

Viewer Feedback: Conduct surveys or monitor comments to get direct feedback on brand perception.

Engagement Metrics: Track likes, shares, and comments to gauge the effectiveness of your branding efforts.

Conversion Tracking: Measure how effectively video views convert to desired actions, such as website visits or purchases.

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Videos are a potent medium for storytelling and brand expression. By maintaining a strong, consistent brand identity across your videos, you ensure that every frame speaks your brand’s language and furthers its story. If you're looking to sharpen your brand’s video strategy, let’s connect and create content that not only looks great but also feels unmistakably yours.


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