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The Most Effective Yet Affordable Video Marketing Strategy: Meet UGC

Imagine this: content created specifically for you brand that you didn't have to create, that boosts your engagement and better connects with your target audience, AND that costs a fraction of the cost of video productions.

This is the reality of User-Generated Content (UGC). As an entrepreneur, you’re juggling a lot, from high level planning to grow your business to the daily grind of serving your customers. In this whirlwind, could UGC be the strategic marketing ally you’ve been overlooking?

What is User-Generated Content (UGC)?

Simply put, UGC encompasses any form of content—be it a review, photo, video, or blog post—created by customers rather than the brand itself. It’s authentic, raw, and resonates deeply with potential buyers because it comes from peers, not advertisers. We are going to focus on UGC video.

The Power of UGC: By the Numbers

If you’re not familiar with the incredible effects of UGC, buckle your seat belt. Here are some mind blowing statistics that cannot be overlooked:

Trust and Authenticity:

93% of customers find UGC to be helpful when making a purchasing decision (Everyone Social). This is a game-changer in building consumer trust.

Engagement and Conversion:

Ads featuring UGC see a 73% increase in positive comments on social networks (Jukin Media) and can lead to a 29% increase in web conversions (Everyone Social).

Memorability and Credibility:

31% of consumers say advertisements that feature UGC content are more memorable than traditional ads (Jukin Media). Plus, 35% of Gen Z trust UGC more than other media (Everyone Social).

The Benefits of UGC for Entrepreneurs

Okay, so the data is great, but how would UGC benefit you?


UGC video allows you to save on marketing expenses while achieving better results. With UGC, you can reduce your need for high-budget campaigns, as the cost of a single video can be as little as $60 from UGC creators or free if created by past customers. In fact, UGC can save brands the expense of a dedicated content producer, saving an average of $72,000 per year (Everyone Social).

Enhanced Customer Loyalty:

Featuring customer content builds a community; your brand becomes a shared space for customer voices, not to mention the staggering increase of brand awareness for your company.

SEO Boosts:

Fresh, relevant content can significantly improve your SEO, increasing your visibility without extra costs. In fact, pages with videos are 53 times more likely to land on the first page of Google (search Engine Watch).

Strategic Deployment of UGC

To start using UGC to grow your business, here is an overview of where to start:

Plan: Determine what type of UGC aligns with your brand— before and after transformations, unboxing videos, vlog style reviews, etc.

Encourage: Use contests, social media prompts, and direct requests to encourage your customers to share their experiences.

Showcase: Feature this content prominently across your marketing channels—your website, social media, and even email campaigns.

If you work with a UGC creator (as opposed to past customers) ensure that your UGC is aligned with your brand and product goals. Be crystal clear about your brand values and guidelines, target audience, elements of the product you want highlighted, and what vision (if any) you have in mind.

To make this process simpler, we created an easy-to-fill-out template that covers all the information you need to cover with the creator to get the best results. Access the UGC Guide for Brands to take away the hassle and miscommunications working with UGC creators.

Legal Considerations & Overcoming Challenges

Always secure permission to use customer content. This not only avoids legal pitfalls but also respects and values your customers' contributions.

In our upcoming UGC course, we’ll be releasing UGC video templates, prompts, video tutorials, and even contract templates so you’ll have an easy to follow, step by step all-encompassing guide to launching UGC as a part of your business’ marketing strategy. If you join the waitlist now, you’ll receive a 30% discount during launch week!

Navigating the potential issues of UGC—such as managing inappropriate content and ensuring diversity—requires a proactive strategy. Clear guidelines and active management are key. To access the all-encompassing, step by step to launching a UGC campaign, grab your spot for our soon-to-launch UGC Course for Brands.

So, is UGC worth your time? Absolutely. 

Many small businesses have transformed their customer engagement by integrating UGC effectively, seeing substantial increases in both engagement and conversion rates. The authenticity and engagement it fosters can transform your digital marketing, making it a powerful tool for growth. As you look to expand your business and possibly even pass it on to the next generation, UGC stands out as a strategic asset that can help you connect with your audience on a deeper level and drive real results.


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