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18 Social Media Video Ideas to Increase Website Traffic

In the bustling digital marketplace, grabbing eyeballs means everything—especially when it's about driving traffic to your website. We're diving deep (and maybe with a hint of snark) into the world of video content marketing. Why? Because video is a beast at boosting online visibility and getting traffic to your site. Let’s unpack 18 dynamic social media video ideas that will rev up your traffic stats and turn views into visits.

1. Teaser Videos for Upcoming Content

Start with a bang! Create short, intriguing teaser videos for an upcoming blog post or a product launch exclusive to your website. These teasers should be like the appetizer that leaves you starving for more—enough to drive your audience from platforms like Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts directly to your website.

2. Tutorial Videos That End With a Cliffhanger

Here's a sneaky one—begin a tutorial on TikTok or YouTube, and just when you're about to unveil the most crucial tip, direct viewers to your website to see the rest. It's like saying, "Want to know the secret ingredient? Visit us online!" This content strategy not only boosts website traffic but also increases engagement.

3. Customer Testimonial Compilations

Showcase your credibility with a compilation of customer testimonials. Let your satisfied customers do the talking. Have them share their positive experiences and direct them to your website for more detailed case studies or product information. It’s real people offering real proof that your site is worth visiting.

4. Interactive Q&A Sessions

Host live Q&A sessions where you answer customer queries. Use this platform to subtly include mentions of deeper resources available on your website, encouraging viewers to visit. Whether it's Instagram Live or YouTube, this real-time engagement makes your brand feel more accessible and increases website traffic.

5. Behind-the-Scenes Tours

Give your audience a peek behind the curtain with a video tour of your workspace, production process, or a day in the office. Use this behind-the-scenes content to show the human side of your brand, making sure to include calls-to-action that invite viewers to visit your website for more in-depth videos. Just remember, BTS doesn't mean bad quality, so make sure you avoid the most common video mistakes and keep your content up to a high quality standard.

6. Webinar Clips

Share clips from your webinars on social media. These should highlight key insights and include a call to action directing viewers to sign up for the full webinar through your website. This method not only positions you as an expert but also drives serious traffic directly to your site.

7. Product Reviews and Demonstrations

Create detailed product reviews and demonstrations to showcase the value and effectiveness of what you offer. Encourage viewers to visit your website for more video advertising examples and detailed product information, effectively increasing your online visibility. Learn more about online visibility with these 7 ways to optimize your videos for SEO here.

8. Countdowns to Site-Exclusive Events

Build anticipation with countdown videos to exclusive events or sales hosted on your website. This content can create buzz and ensure viewers visit your site on the day of the event, boosting your traffic significantly.

9. User-Generated Content Features

UGC is the key to affordable and effective marketing, as it costs a fraction of the cost of traditional video marketing AND tests the best with consumers. Learn the secrets behind mastering UGC for your business here. Encourage your audience to send in their own videos using your product or service. Then, feature these on your social channels with a shoutout to check more on your website. This not only enriches your content mix but also builds community and drives traffic.

10. "Link in Bio" Videos

For platforms like Instagram, create engaging posts with a strong call-to-action that directs users to click on a 'link in bio' that takes them directly to your website. This is a simple yet effective tactic to convert social media followers into website visitors.

11. Contests and Giveaways

Announce contests and giveaways in your videos with the requirement to visit your website to participate. This is a direct method to increase website traffic while also increasing user engagement and excitement around your brand.

If you're feeling overwhelmed by all these ideas and concepts, consider taking the Magic Video Quiz (free!). You can get personalized results to tell you what kind of marketing video you should start with/which video would benefit your business the most. Take the quiz now!

12. Email Marketing Tips

Including videos in your email campaign can increase your clickthrough rates by 300%. Share a series of videos offering valuable tips to those on your email list and direct viewers to your website to sign up for your newsletter or read more detailed content. Position these tips as must-have insights and provide your audience with some new information that will benefit them.

13. Animated Explainers for Complex Products

Use animated videos to break down complex products or services. These are not only engaging but also help simplify difficult concepts, encouraging viewers to head to your website for further information or full video content marketing guides. Plus, explainer videos test extremely well with consumers- 96% of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service (OptinMonster). Thus, no matter what product you sell, explainer videos are a safe bet!

14. Infographics Turned into Video Guides

Take popular infographics from your site and turn them into dynamic video guides. Promote these on social media and link back to your website for more informative content, enhancing both content marketing and brand awareness strategy.

15. Success Stories and Case Studies

Feature success stories and case studies in video format. These stories can significantly enhance brand trust and encourage viewers to visit your website for more detailed testimonials and case studies, proving your business's effectiveness.

16. "Meet the Team" Videos

Create videos introducing members of your team. This not only humanizes your brand but also encourages a personal connection with your audience, inviting them to visit your website to learn more about the team behind the products or services.

17. How-To Videos with Product Placements

Design how-to videos that naturally incorporate your products or services. Use these videos to demonstrate the value and application of your offerings, directing viewers to your website for more video advertising ideas and products.

18. Live Streams of Events

Broadcast live streams of events, speaking engagements, or product launches. During the live stream, consistently promote your website as a resource for more information or exclusive content.

Your Digital Signpost

Implementing these 18 video ideas will not only enrich your content marketing strategy but will also create a digital signpost that directs traffic right where you want it: your website. Grab your free copy of the Secrets to Video Marketing eBook to learn more about using video to promote your business!

With creativity and strategic placement, each video becomes a conduit to greater online visibility and enhanced website traffic. So, light up those cameras—it’s time to drive that digital traffic home!

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