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Considering a Product Video? To Get Results, Do These 3 Things First

Ready to take the digital stage and showcase your product in a way that truly sticks with your audience? Welcome to the world of product videos—a proven strategy to enhance your online presence and boost your sales. Before you dive into the deep end, we need to lay the groundwork with some strategic planning.

If you want your product video to drive results for your business, you need to answer these 3 questions first.

1. What Are Your Objectives?

Clarity is your best friend in the journey to an effective product video. What exactly do you want this video to achieve? Boosting brand awareness, skyrocketing sales, or maybe educating your market about a new product?

Define your goals early and make them SMART—specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. This clarity will drive every decision, from script to screen, ensuring that every frame of your video moves you closer to your business goals.

Target a Specific Outcome

More web traffic? Higher conversion rates? Nail down what success looks like.

Measure Success

Decide in advance how you'll track and measure success. Is it video views, direct sales, or engagement rates?

Align with Broader Goals

Ensure your video’s goals complement your overall marketing strategy. This cohesion amplifies impact across all channels.

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2. Know Your Audience- What Do They Want to See?

Knowing your audience is crucial to crafting a video that resonates. Dive into who your viewers are—their demographics, their challenges, their needs.

This insight will guide not only the tone and style of your video, but also help in crafting a message that hits home. Tailoring your content to reflect your audience’s preferences boosts relevance and engagement, turning viewers into loyal customers.

Understanding Your Audience:

Customer Personas:

Build detailed personas of your typical customers. What are their interests? Pain points? Preferences?

Engagement Preferences:

Do they prefer quick demos or detailed guides? Understanding this can shape your content’s depth and presentation.

Feedback Loop:

Use surveys or social media engagements to gather feedback about your current content. What video content do they love? What do they skip? This doesn’t have to be just about your past videos, but rather, you’re trying to understand their video consumption habits and preferences as a whole.

Remember, 44% of people prefer watching a video over reading about your product (Wyzowl, Video Marketing Statistics 2024).

If you're not sure what kind of video your target audience will resonate with most, take this free quiz for personalized results about which marketing video will most benefit your business!

3. How to: Budget and Resources Planning

Let’s talk turkey—or budget, rather. Producing a product video can be as budget-friendly or as lavish as you choose, but every dollar needs to count. Plan your budget around your must-haves (like good lighting and clear sound), and know where you can DIY or where you might need to call in the pros.

You want to avoid major mistakes that would distract from your message. Remember, the right planning ensures you can maximize every moment of your video without a moment of regret over wasted resources.

Effective Budget Management

Resource Allocation: Determine what resources you already have and what you need to acquire. Can you repurpose existing content? Do you need to hire actors?

Cost-Benefit Analysis: Weigh the potential benefits of your video against the costs. High expenses are justified if the ROI is clear and substantial.

Seek Multiple Quotes: If outsourcing, get several bids to ensure you're getting the best value for your money.

Now that you have everything you need to plan a result driven product video, read up on how to create your stellar product video (and the four elements that will make yours stand out among competition).

You Got This!

Preparing to create a product video is like gearing up for a major premiere. You want everything to be perfect, from the opening scene to the final credits. By defining clear objectives, deeply understanding your audience, and meticulously planning your budget and resources, you’re setting the stage for a product video that doesn’t just aim for success—it achieves it. 

Now, go forth and produce a video that makes your audience sit up and take notice—your blockbuster awaits!

Download our free Video Marketing eBook for more industry insights to level up your business’ video marketing.


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