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1 Simple Change That Can Dramatically Increase Your SEO Right Now

A Small Change for Significant Impact

Sometimes, the smallest changes can have the biggest impact on your website's SEO performance. Embedding videos is one such change—a powerful tool in the arsenal of any digital marketer.

Understanding Video SEO

Video SEO is a subset of SEO that focuses specifically on optimizing video content to be indexed and rank well on search engine results pages. Given that pages with videos are likely to keep visitors on-site longer, which Google views as a sign of site quality, embedding videos can dramatically improve your SEO (Wistia).

The Impact of Embedding Videos

Embedding videos directly into your website can lead to an 88% longer stay on pages (Mist Media). This not only improves engagement rates but also significantly boosts your site's SEO by reducing bounce rates and increasing time on site.

Implementing the Change: Embedding Videos

Choosing the Right Videos: Select videos that are directly relevant to the content of your page. This relevance can boost the perceived quality of your content and improve engagement rates. 

For example, it would make sense to embed a product video on your product page, but it wouldn’t be relevant on your “Contact” page.

Similarly, a brand storytelling video on your “About Us” page. However, it would not make sense on your “FAQ” page. 

If you don’t have videos that would be relevant to your website SEO, take a look at these promo video ideas to get some ideas.

While all marketing videos have their benefits, start with a video you know will have the greatest impact. Take the free Magic Video Quiz for personalized results around which marketing video will be best to help you reach your business goals.

Optimization Tips for Embedded Videos

Keywords: When embedding videos, ensure they are optimized for SEO by including keyword-rich titles and descriptions. Use high-quality thumbnails and accessible player controls to enhance user experience.

Placement Matters: Placing videos above the fold can lead to a 71% increase in user engagement (Animoto).

YouTube: This is IMPORTANT! Because YouTube is a subsidiary of Google, Google algorithms favor videos embedded through YouTube. I used to be a Vimeo gal myself, so if you're using another video hosting platform, switch to YouTube if you want to see these positive SEO benefits.

Monitoring and Measuring Impact

Track the performance of your embedded videos using analytics tools. Look for improvements in engagement metrics such as time on page and bounce rates, which are indicative of enhanced SEO.

Conclusion: Maximize Your SEO Potential

Don't overlook the power of a simple video embed. By making this one change, you can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your website's SEO, ensuring your content resonates more profoundly with your audience and search engines alike.


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