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13 Money Mindset Affirmations for Female Entrepreneurs

Money isn't just a physical asset; it's a significant part of our mental and emotional landscape. Cultivating a positive money mindset is crucial, especially for entrepreneurs who face the daily challenges of building a business. Using affirmations to influence how you perceive and interact with money can unlock potential and prosperity. 

Listen, I’m not a mindset coach or a financial expert. I’m actually an entrepreneur myself– I run a video marketing company– but these affirmations were so powerful for me that I just had to share!

Before I started doing these affirmations, I had no clue why affirmations mattered for female entrepreneurs, so I’m hoping to save you from the same mistake I was making at one time as well.

Understanding Money Mindset

A positive money mindset involves viewing financial experiences and decisions as opportunities for growth and success rather than occasions for fear and doubt. For many, negative beliefs about money, instilled from a young age, create a hesitancy or blockage that can prevent financial progress. Recognizing and reshaping these beliefs is the first step toward taking control of your financial destiny.

The Power of Affirmations

Affirmations are positive statements that can overwrite long-held negative patterns of thought with optimistic and empowering beliefs. Regularly vocalizing these affirmations helps rewire your brain to make positive financial success a core part of your identity and reality. They are a tool for mental transformation, leading to more positive actions and outcomes.

How to Start Using Affirmations

To begin using these affirmations, set clear intentions. What do you want your financial life to look like? Incorporate affirmations into your daily routine—say them out loud each morning, visualize your financial success, or write them in a journal. Combine these affirmations with concrete financial planning and actions to see the best results.

Download a free printable PDF of the affirmations here!

13 Empowering Money Mindset Affirmations for Entrepreneurs

Download a free printable PDF of the affirmations here so you can have a physical copy!

  1. I am the architect of my financial success and I build its foundation strong.

  2. I attract profitable opportunities and seize them with confidence.

  3. My income is constantly increasing as I provide immense value to the world.

  4. I am deserving of financial abundance and accept it now.

  5. Every financial challenge is a gateway to new opportunities for growth and wealth.

  6. I am fearless in making large financial decisions that will elevate my business.

  7. My wealth enables me to create amazing experiences and opportunities for myself and others.

  8. Money flows to me effortlessly as I align with the energy of abundance and success.

  9. I am a powerful creator of innovative ideas that generate wealth.

  10. I leverage my unique talents and skills to attract financial prosperity.

  11. My business grows exponentially as I continue to invest wisely and strategically.

  12. I am a leader in my field, and my expertise attracts financial rewards.

  13. I have the courage to expand my ventures and the universe abundantly supports my aspirations.

Tips for Maximizing the Impact of Your Affirmations

Consistency is key. Affirmations are most effective when repeated regularly and with conviction. Align your actions with your affirmations; for example, if you affirm being fearless in financial decisions, then take bold steps in real business scenarios. Tailor affirmations to meet specific challenges you face, turning each obstacle into a stepping stone towards greater success.

Download a free printable PDF of the affirmations here so you can have a physical copy!


Use these affirmations as daily reminders of your capabilities and worth. As you change your thoughts, your reality will follow.

If you’re looking for other ways to empower yourself as a female entrepreneur, I wrote about the shocking productivity changes I experienced when I started planning my business around my menstrual cycle here.

Are you ready to transform your financial mindset? Share your experiences or favorite affirmations in the comments below. For further motivation, download our free PDF of powerful money affirmations and start your journey toward financial empowerment today!


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