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Trust is holding you back from clients, so you got:

Client Testimonial Video

Your services generate a lot of interest, but your potential clients don't grasp the true value of what you offer, and thus, aren't willing to pay a premium price for it. With a compelling client testimonial video, future clients will not only learn to trust your business, but understand the superior value of your service and be willing to pay premium prices for it.

Wait, what's a

Client Testimonial Video?

A client testimonial video is like a glowing review brought to life, featuring satisfied clients sharing their authentic experiences with your service. It's the ultimate social proof that builds trust, credibility, and confidence in potential clients, nudging them towards making a confident choice to book your services.

No way, prove it!



I promise you want to know....

Ready to be amazed? Here’s how client testimonial videos catapulted other businesses to success:


Of people use video testimonials to learn more about a business and its service

Replacing customer reviews with video testimonials has resulted in a conversion boost of...



Of marketing teams report a conversion lift of at least 10% in campaigns using testimonial videos compared to campaigns without testimonial videos

Personal Desk

What's funny?

I know you'll forget all of that.

If I would have put this all into a video, you would retain 95% of what I just told you, instead of the 10% you just retained reading it.

Don't sweat it, though.

Hi, I'm Rebecca

I help business owners discover their perfect video marketing strategy. I believe every business has a story to tell and that video marketing should be accessible (and affordable) for small businesses.

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Now, scram!

Kidding. I'll email you an exciting surprise soon!

HINT: It involves learning how to get a client testimonial video for be on the lookout!

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