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Simplify your schedule, business goals, and important tasks with this vertical year-at-a-glance calendar by Rebecca Andreen. With this digital download, all you'll need is a regular at-home printer, as the calendar is broken into 8x10 inch sheets that you assemble at home.


How it Works:

  • Each month is a column, with every day of the month included. You see the entire year at once.
  • The green boxes (color can be changed) represent Saturdays and Sundays.
  • You purchase the template, customzie and download it, and print the calendar onto regular pieces of letter paper. Then, assemble the pages onto a poster board, door, wall, etc.


You'll love the Eagle Eye Calendar for so many reasons, but to name a few:

  • Each "box" (day) is designed to perfectly fit a mini post it note. If you like color coding as much as I do, the possibilities are endless.
  • Vertical: unlike other year at a glance calendars, the Eagle Eye Calendar is vertical, making it so much easier to place in your home and move around if needed. If you print the pages on regular letter paper as designed, it can fit perfecly on any regular sized door.
  • Customizable: With the Canva template you'll recieve upon purchasing, you can change which days are colored boxes, as well as what color is used to represent your "days off."


This calendar is perfect for busy entrepreneurs, those of us with ADHD, parents, and more. With the customizable and vertical nature of this design, you can turn this calendar into whatever it needs to be to serve you best.


Grab the template now and start assembling your Eagle Eye Calendar!


*Please note that this is a digtial download (Canva template) and you are not purchasing a physcial calendar. 

Eagle Eye Calendar: Digital Download

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Once you purchase the Eagle Eye Calendar Template, you'll recieve a PDF with the link to the Canva template, which you can then use in a new design (forever and ever).

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