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Conversions are standing in your way of success, so you got:

Landing Page Video

Your business does a fantastic job driving traffic and making great first impressions, but it seems some of the magic is getting lost when it comes to converting those visitors into customers. Let me clue you in, though: you can bridge that gap with a landing page video.

Wait, what's a

Landing Page Video?

A landing page video is like a digital handshake that grabs your attention, tells you what you need to know, and nudges you to take action—whether it's buying a product, signing up, or exploring further.

No way, prove it!



I promise you want to know....

Ready to be amazed? Here’s how landing page videos skyrocketed other businesses’ conversion rates.


Increase in time on site when including a video on a landing page

Videos on landing pages can increase average conversion rates by



Increase in click through rates by adding a video to your landing page

Personal Desk

What's funny?

I know you'll forget all of that.

If I would have put this all into a video, you would retain 95% of what I just told you, instead of the 10% you just retained reading it.

Don't sweat it, though.

Hi, I'm Rebecca

I help business owners discover their perfect video marketing strategy. I believe every business has a story to tell and that video marketing should be accessible (and affordable) for small businesses.

Modern Office Space

Now, scram!

Kidding. I'll email you an exciting surprise soon!

HINT: It involves learning how to get a landing page video for be on the lookout!

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