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User Generated Content is not only the most affordable type of content marketing, but it also tests the best with consumers, for its ability to establish trust and authenticity.


However, how do you make sure those UGC review videos are actually what you're looking for? That's where this template comes in.


Once you've selected a UGC creator to make a video about your product, you will fill out the template and the freelancer you're working with will have a crystal clear understanding of:

  • The goal of the video
  • Your target audience
  • Which elements of your product you want featured
  • Specs: video length, orientation, aspect ratio, etc.
  • Your brand voice and visual style


No more back and forth emails for weeks trying to communicate what you're looking for.

No more paying for videos that don't actually accomplish what you wanted.

No more hassle when working with UGC creators!


Grab this Canva template to take the headache out of UGC and recieve videos that accomplish the exact goal you were hoping for.

UGC Video Guide for Brands (Digital Download Template)

Excluding Sales Tax
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