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Below are 11 pieces of my story I'd like to share with you.

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Marketing & Design

Serving as Communications Director of a start up, I created innovative solutions to manage partnerships and relationships with filmmakers, co-design the app, copywrite all promotional materials for the company, lead a team of four social media managers, and much more.


Self Starter Attitude

Ever since I can remember, I have always had this highly motivated, stop-at-nothing attitude. Perhaps I was born to be an entrepreneur, as this self-starter attitude is something I've been happy to further cultivate since I began my freelance work in 2019.


Digital Storytelling

While working towards my B.A. Film & Media Production and B.A. International & Global Studies from Loyola University Chicago, I developed impeccable video production and editing skills to share engaging stories.


I kid you not, I'm not a big fan of running, but in 2018, I told a friend, "It would be cool to run a half marathon. Maybe one day." Years later, I decided it was a goal I needed to accomplish, simply to remind myself that I am always capable of achieving my goals.


Organized Leadership

During my time as Executive Producer and Editor of Rambler Sports Locker, I learned how to thrive in fast paced environments, leading a production team of ten individuals.


Advertising Videos

As a Video & Marketing Specialist, I excelled creating engaging advertising videos, as well as an educational video series for the Motion Picture Association


Detail Oriented

Whether it's during a branded video shoot or structuring a multi-tab, color-coded spreadsheet, I have a talent for attention to detail which allows me to consistently deliver high quality products.

Detail Oriented

Whether it's filming at a branded shoot or creating a multi-tab, color coded spreadsheet, I am extremely detail oriented, which allows me to consistently deliver high quality products.


Branded Content Creation

During my time as a Videography Intern at Dim Events, I discovered my passion and natural skillset creating branded content. 


My Values

To me, my work is only worth something if I stay true to my values while creating it. Respect and honesty are at the forefront of everything I do, and I pride myself on that.


Positive Attitude

My mother, Deborah, is a high-powered businesswoman, and my father, Shane, an entrepreneur. They taught me to reach for the stars from a young age, and their motto was "Do your best and forget the rest!" I credit my positive and encouraging personality to them.


Risk Taker

In 2019, I decided to take a leap: I found a family online, interviewed to be their summer au pair, and accepted the Madrid, Spain. I didn't speak a word of Spanish and I didn't know a soul in the country, but I was thrilled to dive into a new culture, language, and meet new people.

That's your intro!


I am a creative and organized storyteller with a passion for empowering small business owners. I'm looking forward to receiving your consultation application!


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